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Maple syrup begins as sap in a maple tree. The tree is tapped with a drill to make a small hole for the spout to be inserted. It takes from 35-50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup depending on how much maple sugar content is there. The sap is collected in a large holding tank and then poured into an evaporator. The evaporator boils out most of the water leaving behind pure maple syrup. The syrup is then put into jugs and is ready to eat. Maple Evaporator
2020 Crop is in!  
Black wood smoke and white steam from evaporating sap mark the start of the season. Smoke and steam at the start of a new season.
The new evaporator is much more efficient. Evaporator 1
The sugar house is busy this time of year. evaporator 2
New syrup is ready. New syrup
Bryan samples the syrup to make sure it has the proper sugar content. Sampling

The hydrometer floats on the red line...


Checking the sugar content